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Green Party

October 16th ,2018


Agenda Additions- October 27th event in LA Proposition stance from the Green Party CA and  Veterans for Peace

Set Roles

Facilitator – Jewel

Timekeeper – Anthony


Anthony K. Co-Co

Jewel K. Sec.

Michael C. Veterans for Peace Members

Doug J. Anne Co-Co

Anne Co-Co

Eric C.- Visitor and registered Green

Co-Coordinator Report

GA delegates are still Jewel and Anthony event is in Tulare County Nov. 17-18 Still One seat available

Google Drive endorsements – Need more input and Lee has the hard copy list that we need from her so we can vote.

County Council Vacancy- Eric said he is considering

List of registered Greens from county office, Set up plan to meet and greet by city-Tabled to January

Treasurer Report

    No Treasure and we still are in debt of $60

Membership and Events

    Doug said he would like help at events.

Anthony report about Poli Sci meet the political party- the turnout was great

Future Events

Canvas for Anthony – Doug has offered to help.

Next Meeting Novemeber 20th

Ventura Green Party

Agenda September 17, 2018


Green Party Ventura County meetings are held by Ventura Green Party; meetings are open to anyone and everyone who is interested in the Green Party Platform. Many of us are transferring the Green Party of US platform to a local political level.

Set Roles

Facilitator Anthony

Timekeeper Jewel

Agree on a set amount of time for each point- 5 Minutes


Jim W. Resident-West Side Council Member

Doug – Volunteer Green Party registered voter

Michael – V4P- Volunteer- Green Party registered voter

Jewel – County Council GP Sec.

Anthony K. CO-CO

Secretary – Jewel

Approved last months minutes

Co-coordinator Report – Anthony

SGA Delegate- Doug

Google Drive, Endorsement List and Local Issues list, Please contribute so we can Vote. Jewel will combine two lists and also send list into emails

Anthony-Needs volunteers on Saturday October 13th – 10AM to 12PM meet –

Contact registered candidates asking if they want endorsement of VCGP?

Amy Chen has requested endorsements

Treasurer Report

Paul – not present

Membership and Events – Doug will be attending Conejo Pride 9-22

Ojai Peace – September 23rd

Oct 6th – Doug will attend

Social Media – Anthony creating newsletter – will now post newsletter to website and all social media platforms

West Side City Council October 3rd Bell Arts

General Meeting

NAME Green Party

21 August 2018 / 6:30 PM / Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Ventura Main Street









Last Meeting Follow-up

Approval of Minutes from past meeting – Approved

New Business

Set Roles



Agree on a set amount of time for each point


Brief introductions 1 minutes or less

Secretary – Jewel

Co-coordinator Report – Anthony and Anneliese

SGA Delegates Needed-




Anthony will

GPCA telethon style Fundraiser Sept. 12 5pm-8pm-Via Facebook

Send out email blast and link to out webpage and all out social media outlets

Green Candidate- VUSB Area 1, Anthony

Elle and Mark from 2020 Bernie activists endorsed Anthony

Gale M. Endorsed Anthony

Seeking more endorsements

Getting ready to create more materials to flyer

Press Release was emailed July 17th to all local papers for September 8 March which we endorsed. State released Press Release August 8th.

Sent to many papers

New location update – Keyholder

606 North Ventura Ave

Discuss getting a mailing address

Jewel says her address as public address for green party

Google Drive, Endorsement List and Local Issues list, Please contribute so we can Vote.

Contact registered candidates asking if they want endorsement of VCGP?

No one volunteered

Anthony Will seek new voters list

Treasurer Report

Need to assign a Treasurer-Discuss how to contact S.ofS.

45 Days was not long enough time, Paul is going to be interim treasure

Jewel will do research Central Committee of Ventura at SoS

Membership and Events – Doug

Report –Ventura Beach Side Pride

Surfrider cards signed

Multicultural Day in October 11, location is Oxnard, Free event?

Conejo Pride in September 22-Thousand Oaks- Tanle

Anthony bring new meeting info about Poli Sci club wants use to participate in

Future Events

Immigration Committee – Paul Rodgers

Next Meeting – September__6__ location TBD

Proposal –

Oxnard is considered a Safe City –

Paul sent a letter to Oakland Mayor

Paul has created a video and has

Host immigration forum

Donations from meeting

Brought in 19$ donation

Next Meeting – _September 18th- Ventura Ave Library

606 North Ventura Ave. Simpson Street Entrance

7PM to 8PM

Ventura County Green Party Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 6/26/18

Old Minutes reading- accepted

Anthony Co-Co

Annalisa Co-Co

Linda Treasurer

Jewel Secretary

Paul Green Party Member and Immigration Co-co

Michael Green Party Member- Vets for Peace

Secretary-positional Discussion

Jim Has not made contact

Jewel has volunteered to be secretary

Annalisa seconds Jewel’s volunteer

Anthony has concern about needed another council member

Jewel is now new Secretary

CAGA- report

Bylaw Changes

March 3rd 2019 is the new primary date

Ventura Candidates

We need to find individuals to run under the Green Party

July 16th is filing date

Jewel is going to run for City Council in District 1 for Ventura

Anthony is going to run for District 1 School Board

Primary results!

3 Greens have made it to top two

New meeting place search is still happening

Annalisa is going to call the Fair Grounds in ventura about a room

Linda has Union Hall Information to pass along to Anthony to make contact

Anthony has contacted a church in Camarillo, but has not gotten a return call

Treasurer Report

319.72 Price payment includes for diversity celebration


Juneteenth went well- but no Doug on call

July 4th street fair. Needs people to commit- Michael S and Paul has agreed to help

August 18th Ventura Pride

Camarillo Street fair is canceled

Immigration Committee

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf July 5th 6:30PM

Paul is coordinator and gave information on the starting the “change”

Next Meeting

July 17th 630pm meeting TBD

May 16, 2018


Anthony Krzywicki

Douglas Johannes

Michael Cervantes

Anneliese Anderle

Ron Whitehurst

Paul Rogers

Secretary Report:

-Jim has had no contact for 2 months now and Anthony has reached out to him via Text, Phone, VM, Email and FB messenger and has had no luck getting any response.

-Secretary position is going to need to be replaced at next meeting if we don’t hear back.

-Approved April minutes and April Emergency Meeting minutes.

Co-Co Report

-Ventura is allotted 3 delegates for the General Assembly. Anthony and Jewel are volunteering. Douglas said he would think about it.

-Changes which were approved was to VC By-Laws- Changed name in our Bylaws from The Green Party of Ventura County (GPoVC) to Ventura County Green Party (VCGP)

-We need to update the Bylaws when listed General Assembly they need to say Ventura County General Meeting.

-We also need to update the Bylaws about minimum attendance at General Meetings, and being a councilmember.

Treasurer Report

-Linda not present and will give report next month

Membership and Events

-Junteenth event in Oxnard June 16th, Doug will contact Camarillo Green to see if she can assist.

-July 4th Street Fair, Michael might be able to assist.

Immigration Committee

-Paul Rodgers gave a brief descriptions of immigrations issues, see handout.

-Committee Formed and will have first meeting Tuesday June 5th at 6pm, location TBD.

Next Meeting June 19th, at Ventura Ave. Library at 630pm


Green Party March 2018

March 6pm | Meeting called to order by Members

In Attendance

List attendees

*see sign in sheet


John Nelson- Congressman running against J.B. From LA now lives in Oxnard living in Ventura County for 3 years now.

• He is an attorney by trade.- went to Texas Lu-Sister school to Cal Lu

• Gives the run down on early work life

• 100,000 school debt

• 13 years of practicing

• ONLY candidate that supports this options

• Need half the college students- and at least half of the green party



Jim: Thorin Nuclear-

Nelson is unclear about question

Annalise: What is the exact difference between you and J.B.-

Medical for all

Jewel: Are you aware that civil unrest could happen and how do you feel about this..?

Is aware of the civil issues, and social problems, and not ignorant of the tensions

Approval of Minutes

Jim read minutes on.

Need correction on treasure-

Co-Co Report

Third Wednesday- April 18, 16-(Need to get info from Annalise

New Member-

Paul Rodger- would like to talk about immigration and labor wages.

Candidates and Campaigns

• Top Two- put a stop to the top two and give the option to the third party.

o Request of help for this…and asked Linda if it is payed for-need to print info

Michael- DSA planning elections-Only one person made contact-

Membership and Campaign

Committee reports

• Doug-Went well at VC-respective response

• Anthony-VEC- this passed! 3-2 pass…and we are happy about this

• Justice for ALL Meeting

• Conejo- Doug- Anthony

Enter Announcements

Next Meeting

TBD- April 18, 2018, Ventura Avenue Library

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